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The Studios, Newquay

Unit 1, 5 & 7  West Court Yard, Newquay, Cornwall TR71JL

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The Studios, Newquay offers singing lessons, music theory lessons, drum lessons, violin lessons, piano lessons, keyboard lessons, guitar lessons, bass guitar lessons, songwriting workshops, group classes, summer camps,  and performance showcases in Newquay, Cornwall.


Student Development

The Singing Studio bases every lesson on the science of singing. Helping students understand how, why and what is happening to their voices technically. So they can be in control when singing safe yet complex. The Singing Studio courses are designed to cover all the elements that make you a great singer:
Vocal health
Science behind technique
Larynx Position
Vocal closure and compression
Vocal health
Stage presence
Microphone technique
Performance quality
Song analysis
Music Theory
Basic Piano/Instrument Theory
The Singing Studio does insist all singers to have another tangible instrument at hand to be able to increase ones knowledge of music understanding and it's relation to the voice.
To help students grow as singers and performers, the Student Development programme was created;
Through out the year parents are more than welcome to sit in on a to see exactly what the singing studio is about. This allows the parents to acknowledge and encourage the progress of their children. This intern will build the students confidence by performing in front of an audience.
Every October we have a Giveback concert which is  live performance concert in Newquay. Where local artist meet with up and coming singers and musicians to give back their time to the local schools. This is an extra and is not compulsory. But it is the most friendly audience you can have, its all our friends and family coming along. No pressure and a great way to overcome and performance nerves in a supporting environment. 
Christmas and carol performance is also on offer for singers to have a fun time learning christmas classics and performing all together.
Music Industry Programs (musicians) are also available for students 16+ who would like to develop professionally with the required equipment to get out on the road gigging and making a career with The Singing Studio Agency.
If Musical Theatre is your goal, then you will require to complete either ABRSM or ROCK SCHOOL vocal exams as a minimum to get on the road with you performance.

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